protest against the new municipal regulation

The initiative was taken to protest against the new municipal regulation on facilities at school, which asks non-EU families to procure not only the declaration of income, but also certificates of their countries of origin attesting the lack of property of property at home. Those documents are difficult, if not impossible, to be obtained by the families who live in the Lombard city, and who have had to do without the services.

Stefano Caserini, of the minority in the city council with the list 110 & Lodi and member of the Coordination, comments: “We all minorities in the city council have promoted and we are supporting an appeal to the court of Milan against the regulation considered ‘discriminatory under national law and / or of EU law. “This appeal will be analyzed in a short time and therefore the fundraising has been suspended because we expect the court to accept the appeal and block the regulation: until then the funds will be sufficient”.

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fund raising for foreign children

The Coordination of Equal Duties suspends fund raising for foreign children to whom the school canteen has been banned in Lodi. The collection was suspended because “a first goal” was reached. The association speaks of “generous donations that will ensure the access of children lodigiani” to school services. On his Facebook profile, Uguali Doveri explains … Read morefund raising for foreign children

War is the sworn enemy of childhood

A day for children and made by children: with this wish Unicef, to celebrate the 28th World Day of the Rights of the Child and Adolescence (in which the anniversary of the approval of the Convention on the rights of the child and of adolescence), has proposed to children all over the world to “take the place of adults” in schools, offices, their communities of belonging.

Yet it is still the Unicef ​​that reminds us that, even today, no one can prevent 15,000 children under 5 years from dying, or that, because of violence, every 5 minutes a girl or girl dies, and every 7 die a child or a boy. The road to a real protection of children’s rights is still long.

the enemies of children and adolescents

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The most progressive government of the West

The most progressive government of the West, the one where the rights to religion and sexuality of children who are expecting their hostile parents have passed, after legalizing euthanasia just two years ago, is already pushing to extend it to minors. Also to die on request could be not only the “terminal” patients but also the mental ones.

The government had indeed asked the Council of Canadian Academies to deliver a report on euthanasia to express their opinion on the possible murder of the “mature minors”, so skilfully defined to anticipate every objection on their real capacity for choice. The response of some pediatricians and bioethicists in favor of the extension of the norm and without inhibitions came in the Journal of Medical Ethics: “It is wrong to force a person to live in circumstances of intolerable and irreparable suffering” because “the will of a patient capable to understand and want should be respected … especially in matters as intimate as that of choosing how to die ».

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educational projects for childs

On the occasion of the celebration of the ratification of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (May 27), SOS Children’s Villages shines the spotlight on the participation of children and young people in the choices and decisions concerning them and launches an important message: “No children born to grow alone “.
Saturday in Rome took place the , under the patronage of the Municipality of Rome I Center: 25 silhouettes of children with adults representing scenes of everyday life and colorful are located in a Roman square with many people, including 50 children and teachers of the primary school , for this special occasion.
A party that involves children and unaccompanied foreign minors supported and welcomed in the Villages and SOS Programs throughout Italy: from  to , Rome, and . In our city, the silhouettes painted by the children of the Village were all weekend on display at the of the Biblical Festival in the court of the Bissari, around the little house of Pane Quotidiano

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little artists of primary schools

municipal administration. The project, born this year, sees the protagonist the Mc Culture association, assisted by the Sassuolo artist Benedetto Cucaro, with eleven writers who took to the streets to paint as only they can do, using spray cans and colors to give life to drawings related to the issue of children’s rights. The murals were then donated to the ten schools of the Sassuolo 1 center-east institute, which took part in the initiative. As one of the teachers present reminded us, the project aims to bring to mind that every child must be given the right opportunity.

Moreover, during the afternoon, the works of art that the little artists of primary schools realized during the course of the school year were exhibited. An event full of colors and imagination to give citizens the opportunity to discover the importance of the rights that every child should have. And, while the writers were intent on painting live, with amazed children who were their spectators, on the other side of the square there were workshops, organized by the schools. Paper animals for the pastures, painting for the Sant’Agostino, street art for the Leonardo da Vinci school and toys with recycled material

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Children and young people in the safe city

Children and young people in the safe city
The information center for crime prevention on the territory of the city of Rijeka carries out the education of children and young people focused on the issue of protection of personal safety.

Education for safe participation in traffic
The level of knowledge of road traffic and of the often dangerous road traffic implies is an important safe driving factor, so the education to traffic participation should start from early childhood.

Child safety on the internet
Institutions and associations on the territory of the city of Rijeka carry out activities aimed at promoting a safe and responsible way of using the internet and mobile phones, particularly among the population of children and young people.

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The rights of children

The rights of children are inviolable and on this page we want to emphasize their importance, because it is never enough to talk about it. In 1923, Eglantyne Jebb founder of Save the Children, shaken by the events of the First World War and the consequences on children, writes the first document recognized in favor of children and their rights: the Charter of the Rights of the Child. This short script states:

That every hungry child is nourished, every sick child is cared for, every orphan, street child or at the margins of society be given protection and support.

The following year, on the basis of these words, the League of Nations wrote an official document known as the “Declaration of the Rights of the Child”. The statement, in 5 points, states:

1. The child must be given the means necessary for his normal development,

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